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Experience Garfagnana

Participate in the life in Garfagnana and become a true Tuscan for a few days.

Discover all the upcoming events in our wonderful area and immerse yourself in the culture, gastronomy, and folklore of Tuscany.

Enjoy Tuscany’s authentic flavors

Take a dive into the medieval origins of the villages of Garfagnana

Tuscan wines are famous worldwide… come and discover why!

Events in Garfagnana

Medieval Festivals

In Garfagnana, there are many medieval villages that preserve the memory of their past. Discover and celebrate the origins of these splendid places during various historical reenactments, with costume parades and activities that involve the entire village: a unique opportunity to take a plunge into the Middle Ages.

events in garfagnana

Our Wines

Tuscany is famous worldwide for its excellent wines, and you should not miss the opportunity to taste them paired with traditional Garfagnana dishes at wine festivals organized in the area throughout the year.

events in garfagnana

Food Festivals

Taste the delicacies of the area and discover the flavors and traditions of Garfagnana and Tuscany, in the joyful and convivial atmosphere of our food festivals and fairs.


Upcoming Events 2023

6-7/5/23 ORE 10,00

Garfagnana Motori e Sapori is an event that combines two of the most rooted traditions in Garfagnana: MOTORs – with all the events that take place in the valley every year for many years – and FLAVORS – with all the gastronomic specialties that only our land can offer.


In the morning: Craft Market and Local Products Market; “Gli Erbi Boni”: conference and educational walk in the surrounding countryside; Photographic Exhibition “Spring Mushrooms” – Lucca Mycological Group. From 12:00 PM: Tasting Tour along the streets of Castiglione. In the afternoon: Tasting Tour of the Local Wines from Castiglione producers with popular jury; Live Music in the square; Pancakes and Bar Service.

23-24-25/6/23 ORE 19,00

Three days dedicated to celebrating quality meat and gastronomic specialties of Tuscany.

7-8/07/23 ORE 20,00

“DiVini e Sapori” is an event that celebrates the perfect combination of Tuscan wines and traditional Garfagnana cuisine. EXCLUSIVE DINNER IN THE VILLAGE – LIMITED SEATING, RESERVATION REQUIRED. TEL. 347/3655745

15-16/7/23 ORE 10,00

Motorcycle gathering, guided tour of the villages (reservation required), and lunch in San Rocco square, followed by a motorcycle parade and blessing. For information and reservations: email palleroso@libero.it – www.palleroso.net

28-29-30/07/23 e 4-5-6/08/23
ORE 19,00

The undisputed queen of these festive evenings will be the “criscioletta”, a large wafer made from a blend of cornmeal and durum wheat flour, perfect to enjoy with bacon or cow cheese, for example.

DATE 28-29-30/7/23 ORE 18,30

Three evenings of rich flavors, great company, and carefree enjoyment in the charming town in the province of Lucca.

29/07/23 ORE 20,00
5/08/23 ORE 20,00
14/08/23 ORE 20,00

Historical and gastronomic event through the streets of the village with actors reenacting the time of Ariosto.

29-30/07/23 ORE 19,00

Dinner with live music. The event will take place even in case of rain.

30/07/23 ORE 9,00

An opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of a weekend on the crest of the Apennines, savoring excellent local dishes.

5-6/8/23 ORE 19,00

For two days in Castiglione di Garfagnana, the Middle Ages come to life. Within its medieval walls, a wide range of themed events are organized, featuring performances by jesters, musicians, and street artists.

ORE 19,00

Every evening, you can enjoy a dinner featuring dishes made with spelt, such as spelt minestrone, spelt maccheroni, cold spelt salad, classic pizza, spelt flour pizza, mixed grill, and the famous porchetta by Marino and Giacomino.

12-13/08/23 ORE 19,00

Formenton is an ancient variety of corn with eight rows of kernels, used to prepare delicious dishes that pair well with good wine. The ASD Pieve Fosciana offers “Formenton 8 File sotto le Stelle,” an event where you can taste products made with Formenton 8 File flour.


Open motorcycle rally for all types of bikes. Gastronomic stands with local products, including the legendary porchetta cooked on-site by Alberto. Exhibitor market, live music, and performances. Motorcycle contest. Free camping area with showers and facilities. Touristic motorcycle rides.

8/10/23 ORE 10,00

A Sunday dedicated to countryside traditions and the flavors of Garfagnana and the Appennines, with dishes made from chestnut flour, porcini mushrooms, scorzone truffles, roasted chestnuts, necci (chestnut flour pancakes), and homemade cakes.

15/10/23 ORE 10,00

Throughout the day, there will be a Crafts Market in the historic center. For information and reservations: tel. 346 2719688, email montesumbra@gmail.com

15/10/23 ORE 10,00

From 11:00 am onwards and throughout the day, you can indulge in a variety of traditional dishes and delicacies while strolling through the streets of the village. Sample dishes such as “infarinata” (a dish made with chickpea flour), “polenta di granturco” (corn polenta) with meat sauce, roasted polenta with mushrooms and cheese, wood-fired potato bread, cheeses, cured meats, porchetta, cakes, “cottarelle” (a dough made with wheat flour, spelt, and water cooked in special pans and filled with cold cuts, cheese, or hazelnut cream), and many other homemade flavors. All of this can be enjoyed alongside a glass of fine wine.

22/10/23 ORE 12,00

Starting in the morning, indulge in the flavors of autumn with delicious treats such as “mondine” (roasted chestnuts), “necci” (chestnut flour pancakes) with ricotta cheese, frittelle (fritters), and warm mulled wine (“vin brulè”).


Experience the true flavors of Garfagnana in a single event, featuring the participation of numerous associations representing the local village festivals and renowned traditional dishes of the region. Discover the rich culinary heritage of Garfagnana as you sample the most famous and authentic dishes prepared by passionate locals. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey that celebrates the diverse flavors and culinary traditions of the area.

26/11/23 ORE 10,00

Throughout the day, indulge in a variety of delectable treats including mondine (chestnut flour fritters), necci (chestnut flour pancakes), castagnaccio (chestnut cake), frittelle (fried dough), neccioloni (chestnut flour fritters filled with ricotta cream), pasta fritta (fried pasta), and delightful desserts. For lunch, savor the specialties of the region, such as tagliatelle made with chestnut flour, assorted cured meats, cheeses, and traditional homemade bread.


The most delicious event of the year is back in Barga: four days dedicated to the historic center of Barga, where you can indulge in a variety of unique specialties and chocolate tastings.


38th edition of the living nativity scene in Barga; the event also features, in the stunning setting of the historic center of Barga, transformed into a large open-air nativity scene, hundreds of ancient trades, from carpenters to sawyers, blacksmiths to tinsmiths, cobblers to umbrella makers, knife sharpeners, weavers, washerwomen, spinners, and many others.